Module 3 Assign: Rhymes of History

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”.                         ~ Mark Twain

remington_no-_1_from_herkimer1Laureate Education (2014a) revealed the six key principles of evolutionary technology as evolutionary technology, rhymes of history, science fiction, disruptive technologies, increasing returns, and red queens. Evolutionary technology is the progression or development of a previous technology into a new more powerful, reasonably priced version of the technology. Evolutionary technology drives the emerging technology and allows a look into the future of specific technologies.

Rhymes of history is the display of how new technologies impact the current environment and rekindles the same needs that existed in the past (Laureate Education, 2014b). Dr. Thornburg described rhyme in history as technology that “rekindles something from the past.” (Laureate Education, 2014h) I feel a good example of new technology that is an emergence a previous technology from the past is the keyboard of the computer or laptop, which rekindled the typewriter.

Although the typewriter was created in 1868 and featured the Qwerty keyboard, the first typing devices were patented image-2in the 1700s. Daskeyboard (2011, July 22) state, “The keyboard is the number one computer interface used around the world, and an integral object for many of us that most people take for granted.” After 1910, most typewriters were standardized until IBM created the Selectric version typewriter in 1961, which was produced until the 1980s.

IBM debuted the first PC in 1981. In 1986, it was upgraded to the Model M keyboard, which was popular due to its ease of use. As the keyboard evolved, it became lighter, quieter, smaller, and even flexible. No doubt as technology continues to develop the keyboard will continue to evolve (Daskeyboard, 2011, July 22).



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